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Who is Bernadette Chin Lee

Who is Bernadette Chin Lee
Back when I was a young university grad, madly in love and engrossed in my young family; I silently dreamed of getting back to my sailing days. My husband worked long hours and he just wanted to veg on the weekends. Then I stumbled into the world of network marketing. Suddenly a whole new twist on life opened up for me.

I failed miserably to build my downline. Couldn’t understand why no one wanted to share my looking glass of entrepreneurship and adventure while raising a family.

I studied from the best. I invested in course after course, which had my husband screaming at the end of every cc period. I finally settled down when I came to realise that success for an entrepreneur is in the people. It hit me in the gut.

“The money you want is in the pocket of the people” I serve. ~Diane Hochman.

Sailing is not part of my life yet. But with the rate of increase of leads and sales that sailing trip to Barbados is getting closer.
What does that mean for you? Simple. If a busy MomPreneur, who hates technology, can figure out how to use digital marketing to have qualified leads be ready with card in hand to pay for her services. I bet I can do it for you too.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - Old African Proverb

Imagine what you could achieve with the full resources, brainpower and experience of WSI working on your vision.